Wealth Transfer & Estate Planning

For many high net worth families, federal estate taxes will drastically deplete their assets before their heirs receive any of their expected inheritance. Minimizing estate taxes is an important part of the estate planning process, and life insurance
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Business Succession & Executive Benefits Planning

For many family and closely held businesses, succession planning is the most difficult challenge they face, and arguably, the most important. Establishing an effective plan requires valuing the business, devising a thorough plan, protecting the


Portfolio Construction and Analysis

In addition to providing estate tax liquidity, when structured and funded properly, life insurance can provide a favorable internal rate of return at life expectancy. Depending on a client’s objectives, risk tolerance, liquidity, and health, we construct life insurance


Trust Owned Insurance Remediation Services

Life insurance is a dynamic asset, and a policy’s performance is impacted by timing of premium payments, interest rates, policy expenses and carrier credit ratings. Not only is the policy dynamic, but so is life. The


Portfolio Optimization & Alternative Funding Strategies

When performing in force policy reviews, the number one reason for underperformance is neglect. We want to take neglect off the table. Our ongoing policy and program servicing platform ensures that the insurance